5 Telemedicine Companies Disrupting FemTech

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine has really been in the spotlight. As telemedicine companies are able to remotely diagnose and treat patients by means of communications technology there was a surge in their need during the pandemic.

Building on this growth in telemedicine many FemTech companies have utilised this solution category to improve the women’s health space. Below we list five FemTech companies that are utilising telemedicine to make a real impact on healthcare for women.

Twentyeight Health

Twentyeight Health are on a mission to empower individuals with trusted information, affordable access, and convenience for their reproductive and sexual health. Their team of doctors, public health experts, designers, engineers and builders are committed to changing the face of healthcare, particularly for underserved communities.

TwentyEight Midwestern announce

Today, low-income women are three times more likely to have an unintended pregnancy than the average woman in the US, and nearly one-third of physicians nationwide aren’t accepting new Medicaid patients.

With this in mind, Twentyeight Health’s focus is on serving those underserved communities with easily accessible contraceptive choices. Twentyeight Health is available to women across 20 states, serving over 70% of U.S. women of reproductive age!

Zoie Health

Zoie is an integrated digital women’s healthcare platform offering holistic women’s health services and products built on the foundation of a social health platform. Zoie Health offers its users virtual and home consults, as well as the delivery of contraceptives and home test kits.

Zoie’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable women’s health and wellness services to women across Africa. Just as women would visit a clinic for an entire range of health issues, so Zoie functions as a one-stop service for almost every aspect of women’s health and wellness.

Zoie Health are equalising healthcare ensuring that women across Africa have accessible, affordable women’s health and wellness services.


In June this year, Emme announced the launch of EmmeRx, a birth control pill prescription delivery and telemedicine service with a twist! Through the connected Emme Smart Case and app Emme’s prescription delivery service comes with a pill and health tracking app for daily support.

Noting that up to 80% of women on the pill miss at least one per month, Emme designed a smart system that tracks the pill and sends reminders until it’s taken. Alongside this, the company has integrated period, mood and side effect tracking to allow users to understand their cycles better and manage their day-to-day with awareness.

Emme solves a real problem for women on birth control! It is currently available in 16 states, making the services accessible to 63 per cent of the population, with ongoing expansion into additional states.


Nurx prides itself on delivering three things it believes everyone needs from their healthcare. Choice, so users can make positive decisions about their own bodies. Control, so users can plan ahead and look after themselves without complication. And freedom, so users’ access to medication is never blocked by cost, bureaucracy, geography, stigma, or anything else.

Through this model, Nurx provides a discreet and affordable prescription service. Users can purchase, and get delivery of, pharmaceuticals ranging from contraception to STI medication to anti-ageing skincare.

In 2020 Nurx received $22.5 million in new financing which they pushed into growing the company. Now, they boast a surging annual run-rate which could hit $150 million in revenue and more than 300,000 patients on a monthly basis. It’s easy to see why the company is emerging as the largest digital practice for women’s health.


Launching in 2014, Maven is a virtual clinic for women’s and family health, offering care for fertility, pregnancy and parenting. Maven provides on-demand appointments alongside personalised content to tailor ‍proactive interventions to each of its users.

Over the past six years, Maven has seen rapid growth through both its membership and employers bases. The company now boats employer partners from the likes of Microsoft and other high-level tech companies.

Over the past years, Maven’s membership has increased by 400% allowing them to support more than 10 million women and families to date.

The company has now acquired Unicorn status with a recent valuation of $1 billion dollars. Their raise has been backed by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Reese Whitherspoon, as well as investment firms Dragoneer Investment Group and Lux Capital.

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