Zoie Health is Disrupting the African Healthcare System

So Thato, tell us a bit about yourself and Zoie Healthcare.

I’m the co-founder of Zoie Health, Africa’s first digital women’s health clinic providing holistic care for fertility, pregnancy and new motherhood. We’ve just launched our MVP!

We’ve just launched our MVP! 

I was previously at Uber, McKinsey & Company and worked at 3 of Africa’s largest healthcare companies.

What motivated you to set up Zoie Health?

We’re passionate about providing women’s health services and products focussed on community, care, accessibility and affordability.

We realised that the problems we faced in our own lives were also being experienced by other women. 

We started this company because we realized that the problems we faced in our own lives were also being experienced by other women.

When we looked at the exciting digital innovation happening on the continent in healthcare, we realized that nobody was trying to solve this problem at scale. So we wanted to serve women on the continent by creating a solution that provides quality care that’s holistic and accessible.

What does the future look like for Zoie Health?

We see Zoie across the top 10 African countries with more than 5 million members.

We see us leading women’s health clinical best practices on the continent and working with the largest companies, insurers and government to provide our service to their employees, members and citizens.

We see Zoie across the top 10 African countries

The challenge will be having a leading, scalable technology platform that can be used across the continent. We will also need to understand the nuances and regulatory framework of each country on the continent as they are not homogenous.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt since starting Zoie Health?

When we launched our very basic pilot we got so many paying patients that we didn’t expect! We were thrilled and in awe that the women we wanted to serve actually found value in the product.

However, we learnt getting the proposed solution in front of members quickly and getting their feedback is critical! Iterating based on their insights is crucial.

If you were able to create ANY solution what would it be?

An almost-free HPV test that’s a simple swab and provides an answer in minutes.

Zoie Health is part of FemTech Lab’s Fall 2021 Cohort.

You can keep up to date with the latest updates via the Femtech Lab website.

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