Smart Wearable by Bellabeat is Game-changer!

Bellabeat Smart Wearable Ivy
Smart Wearable Ivy

A one-of-a-kind smart wearable designed specifically for the female body has officially been launched!

Bellabeat has launched Ivy, a device that tracks vital health data, lifestyle habits, and cycles, providing tips to guide women to know their bodies better and realize optimal wellness.

As a company, Bellabeat’s mission is to empower women with innovative resources to fully discover themselves via analyzed health data that is communicated simply and transparently.

“Ivy is the evolution and next step forward in our company vision”

Urska Srsen, CCO

Urska Srsen, Co-Founder & CCO, said, “Ivy is the evolution and next step forward in our company vision of providing women with all of the smart, seamless tools that they need to know themselves better.”

As a smart wearable wristband, Ivy seamlessly syncs to the Bellabeat app, which reads information from the device and translates it into useful data that can help women improve specific aspects of their daily routines.

Melanie Messina, Head of Product at Bellabeat, told FemTech Insider, “With Ivy, our team has developed a unique approach to women’s wellness powered by user data and its analysis through artificial intelligence.”

The company sold out of its 20,000 preorders in the first hour of its announcement last year and a further 50,000 preorders of the smart-wearable product by January, following the trend of its successor the Bellabeat Leaf, which sold more than 2.2 million times.

Our team cannot wait to get our hands on one of these!

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