Telemedicine Platform HiDoc Launches Nectar, a Community App Dedicated to Women’s Health and Wellness


HiDoc Pte Ltd (“HiDoc”), a healthcare technology start-up providing web-based and mobile app solutions for women and families, announced the launch of Nectar, a community platform dedicated to women’s health and wellness.

Nectar was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic when HiDoc Co-Founders Dr Christina Low and Ms Carolyn Goh noticed a rising trend on the HiDoc platform.

During the circuit breaker period, in particular, HiDoc saw a significant spike in the number of teleconsultations and enquiries from the women’s community. Accordingly, the idea of filling this void began to take shape.

Speaking on the early days of the Nectar app, Dr. Low said“We started engaging the women’s community to understand how HiDoc can better assist and fill the gaps in today’s women’s health landscape. Through active community engagement and research, we discovered that many women require a unique support system to assist them along their health and wellness journey. Subsequently, what started off as a passion project evolved into a community platform, Nectar.”

At its core, Nectar was created to inspire women of all ages to achieve optimal health through self and preventive care while aiming to catalyse the formation of a community focused on supporting women’s health in wellness across the Asia-Pacific region.

Backed by an ecosystem of healthcare partners, Nectar is a web-based application that boasts prominent features such as its Ask the Expert function which allows users to receive answers to health and wellness related queries.

In addition, Nectar users have access to a vast amount of health and wellness content curated specifically to their profile. Weekly articles on key healthcare topics are written specifically for each member, allowing Nectar users to stay on top of their healthcare needs.

Within Nectar, users are also able to gain exclusive access to health webinars to keep them informed of prevailing health issues for women. Finally, Nectar members are able to access personalised health and wellness plans designed specifically for each member.

Following an initial soft launch in January, the app has already accumulated 3,000 registered users.

Commenting on today’s official launch of Nectar, Dr Christina Low, CEO and Co-Founder of HiDoc said“We want to empower women with the right knowledge to achieve optimal health through self and preventive care. Nectar aims to catalyse the formation of a community backed by experts focused on supporting women in their health and wellness journey. It is a place for ladies to comfortably share their experiences and walk their life journey together”.

Carolyn Goh, CTO and Co-Founder of HiDoc said, “Nectar is an online community platform that HiDoc has created for women. We built Nectar to foster a trusted and safe haven for women to learn more about their wellbeing from experts and other women sharing their experiences.

Already, we are building up the platform to include machine learning algorithms to show relevant content and conversations that are based on the various data points that members have input in the platform. We strongly believe that Nectar will play a key role in the future of women’s health as we look to empower a new generation of healthy women.”

Since 2019, NTUC in collaboration with the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office under the Prime Minister’s Office has organised the Smart Nation & U Festival which seeks to educate and engage the wider community on the benefits of digital technologies in their everyday lives.

Selected based on its commitment to the community and to showcase how technology has helped Singapore emerge stronger from COVID-19, HiDoc has been invited to participate in the upcoming 2021 edition of the festival where it will be showcasing Nectar and how telehealth will continue to revolutionise the healthcare industry.

About HiDoc Pte Ltd

Backed by SGX-listed Singapore Medical Group Ltd, HiDoc Pte Ltd is a healthcare technology start-up providing web-based and mobile app solutions for women and families. The company launched its Telehealth App HiDoc on 31st January 2019 and boasts the largest specialist and family telemedicine network in Singapore.

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About Nectar

Nectar is a trusted women’s community platform focused on delivering knowledge, health and wellness advisory and services to help women make informed health choices at every stage of their lives.

With an ecosystem of healthcare partners, Nectar delivers critical, collectable and collative information to arm women with knowledge to manage their health.

Committed to inspiring women of all ages to achieve optimal health through self and preventive care, Nectar aims to catalyse the formation of a community focused on supporting women’s health and wellness in the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information, visit here.

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