Orchyd is Putting Other Tracking Apps to Shame

Orchyd’s Innovative App Is Ad-Free, OB/GYN Approved with On-Demand Consultations, and Never Sells User Data

“The advanced Orchyd app serves as a flow, fertility, ovulation, and overall health tracker“.

Orchyd‘s one-of-a-kind modern period tracking app is now available to the public in the Apple App Store for free, for life! With no in-app ads, the Orchyd app is a premium experience with 100% data privacy and HIPAA compliance. The advanced Orchyd app serves as a flow, fertility, ovulation, and overall health tracker compatible with Apple Health Kit for easy data transfer. 

The app’s customizable design encourages users to choose their own colour themes and toggle on/off with what they would like to track, including PMS days, fertile days, ovulation day, symptoms, mood, sexual activity, and more. Orchyd does not assume gender identity or sexuality and uses no patronizing tone or overuse of biased language. 

The app uses artificial intelligence to collect health history for the user’s benefit and with permission, can be easily shared with partners or parents and uses predictive analytics to improve the user’s cycle experience. Unlike other period tracking apps, Orchyd allows users to share with as many people as they like for free. The Orchyd app also allows users to choose exactly what part of their cycle they want to share with friends or family. 

The Orchyd app also features SafeFlow™, a built-in reminder system to replace or remove period care products, allowing for peace of mind and reduced risk of leakage and toxic shock syndrome.

Users are able to chat  on-demand with a doctor where over 90% of resolutions are reached within the first visit“.

For an additional cost, users can receive access to OB/GYN Now™. The unique telehealth feature provides users 24/7 direct access to a medical network of certified health specialists for any questions and concerns. Users are able to chat on-demand with a doctor where over 90% of resolutions are reached within the first visit. In an effort to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, OB/GYN Now™ consultations are lower than the national copay and no insurance is needed. Users can receive help for UTIs, yeast infections, PMS, headaches, and more. 

ABOUT ORCHYD: Orchyd is a FemTech and period care company that provides inclusive and sustainable support to women and everyone who has a period by reshaping the way we look at menstrual care. Through its free period tracking app with built-in product usage timer SafeFlow™, on-demand OB/GYN chat support, and the first-ever Bluetooth-enabled period smart case, Orchyd provides a modern-day solution to old-world problems. With guidance and investment from their father, Steve King, Co-founder of MANSCAPED, the world’s leading brand for below the waist male grooming and hygiene, Orchyd’s founders Courtney and Morgan King are modernizing menstrual care by removing stereotypes, respecting identity and sexuality, encouraging accessibility, guaranteeing privacy, and supporting sustainability. See here for a video explanation of how Orchyd works.

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