5 Groundbreaking Ovarian Cancer Solutions

FemTech has begun to unravel the gender gap within medicine by placing women’s health front and centre. Women’s cancers are no exception to this healthcare revolution and ovarian cancer solutions have been awarded a front seat at the innovation table.

With 1 in 78 women being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in her lifetime and the disease on the rise around the world, we look to companies innovating in the space.

Within the FemTech industry, these startups are addressing a wide range of solutions to overcome Ovarian Cancer globally.


GinaLife is developing a platform of biomarker strategies supported by artificial intelligence and data science for the early detection of problems in women’s health, mainly ovarian cancer.

CEO and Co-Founder of Gina Life, Inbal Zafir-Lavie, says Gina Life is “innovative since our platform uses untapped biofluid, combined with a non-trivial understanding of ovarian cancer early-stage biomarkers and supported by artificial intelligence.”

AOA Dx Inc

AOA Dx Inc have developed a liquid biopsy test that accurately enables early diagnosis of ovarian cancer through the analysis of tumour marker gangliosides. Their mission is to bring to market the first accurate early-stage non-invasive ovarian cancer diagnostic test.

Oriana Papin-Zoghbi, CEO and Co-Founder of AOA Dx Inc, is confident in their innovation. She says, “As Our proof-of-concept data shows that AKRIVIS GD has both excellent sensitivity and specificity when compared to traditional diagnostic methods. This could dramatically impact how women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.”

Syrona Health

Syrona Health is a virtual gynaecology health clinic that provides specialised support to people with chronic conditions in the women’s health space.

Through their app, Sora, Syrona Health offers women a range of tools and services to help them navigate conditions like ovarian cancer. These services include symptom tracking, telemedicine and a community of fellow patients to connect with.


Celmatix is a preclinical-stage biotech focusing on ovarian biology. They have developed a multi-omic ovarian health platform, with the world’s largest structured dataset on ovarian health and outcomes in the world. The company is now utilising these datasets to power our new drug programs.


TPP is developing intelligent analytic tools that will be able to use and learn from medical data. Through their first AI program, they are focusing on the early detection of ovarian cancer, whose earliest indications show that it will be able to aid doctors in diagnosing ovarian cancer.

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