5 Israeli FemTech Brands to Watch Out For

Israel has been hailed by many as the Startup Nation. With Bloomberg’s Innovation Index listing the country as number six in the world!

Having built up a thriving ecosystem of over 6000 startup tech companies from across all industries it really has revolutionised industrial high-tech and paved the way for entrepreneurship in this sector. Of course FemTech has been no exception!

In this article, we will showcase some of the most exciting Israeli FemTech companies with support from our three expert advisors. As our contributor Keren Leshem, CEO of Ocon Healthcare, said, these companies are exciting because “They all offer innovation where women’s freedom of choice comes first!

Ocon Healthcare

We couldn’t list Israeli FemTech companies without spotlighting Ocon Healthcare.

The company innovates, develops, manufactures, and commercializes cutting-edge women’s health products all based on their patented IUB™ (Intra Uterine Ball) device (see right).

As Keren, CEO of the company, says, “we really revolutionize women’s health with solutions that are purely made for women’s anatomy – I now wear our IUB Ballerine® – it’s fantastic!  Not many companies like OCON have such an incredibly innovative and women-focused platform and pipeline – so we are my first choice!”

MyLee by MyMilk

FemTech Lab cohort member and Israeli-based company MyMilk had to be our next choice!

My Milk has built MyLee, a mHealth device and App for empowering new mothers and improving breastfeeding experience and success, powered by sensing a few drops of breastmilk.

For the first time ever, a mother can put just a few of her milk drops into the MyLee milk sensing device, and get immediate feedback and insights on breastfeeding, breastmilk supply establishment, and breast inflammation. A lactation professional through a smartphone!


Next on our list are AquaFit, who have developed an Intimate Gel Stick for women enabling pain-free vaginal training.

As Yotam Hod, CoFounder of Gynica, put it, “instead of plastic, archaic dilators, Aquafit developed a slick, gel-based one aimed at both gynaecological conditions as well as sexual enhancement.”

Yotam went onto say it is “self-care intimate gel, bringing dilators to the 21st century.”

PulseNmore Ltd.

PulseNmore is really a revolutionary product! The company’s unique PulseNmore ES ultrasound system connects with the user’s mobile phone to deliver high-quality ultrasound images that can be shared.

As Keren said, “what an incredible innovation to be able to have an at-home ultrasound!!!  Love the idea and the execution!  Wish I had that when I was pregnant.”


Gynica is a revolutionary company. They are the first company worldwide to run a clinical trial for a vaginal cannabis-based product!

Yotam Hod, CEO of Gynica, summarised the company perfectly, “[it’s] the first company to bring evidence-based cannabis products to the women’s health market, with tailor-made products (vaginal suppository & vaginal lubricant) dedicated to treating gynaecological disorders (menstrual pain, endometriosis, painful intercourse).”

With thanks to our expert contributors:

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