7 FemTech Apps for Mothers on Mother’s Day


There are many FemTech Solutions that focus on assisting mothers from the point of conception through to birth and across the newborn period.

In celebration of Mother’s Day we highlight some of the newest FemTech Startups aiming to support mother’s throughout this transitionary period.

Nourish App

Nourish is a new wellbeing app for mums offering bite-sized calm & wellbeing in mum’s pocket. The app is a curated library of over 200 meditations, videos, and quick reads across mindfulness, yoga, yoga nidra psychology, and more all tailor-made for mums by a team of wellbeing experts, who are all mums themselves. 

The Nourish app empowers mums to boost their wellbeing and happiness so that they can find more joy and balance in the chaos, pressures and turmoil of modern motherhood, reaping significant dividends for the whole family.

The Fertility Circle 

Fertility Circle app connects people trying to conceive with experts, community and emotional support.

It empowers users with resources, tutorials, and inspiration. It’s a place to connect with experts for practical support. The platform hosts virtual expert-led events to educate and inform, as well as providing a community space with other mothers.

“It’s like your best friend with all the fertility smarts”, says CEO Abi.

MyMilk Labs 

MyMilk has built MyLee, an mHealth device and App for empowering new mothers and improving breastfeeding experience and success, powered by sensing a few drops of breastmilk.

For the first time ever, a mother can put just a few of her milk drops into the MyLee milk sensing device, starting from the first days after birth, get immediate feedback and insights on breastfeeding, breastmilk supply establishment, and breast inflammation, visualize her day to day progress throughout the important weeks after birth, and share a unique report with a lactation professional, all immediately, anywhere, anytime, from her smartphone.

The system is capable of identifying early trends that can eventually lead to low milk supply, the difference in milk supply between breasts, or Breast inflammation and help the mother to manage these conditions early and avoid unwanted consequences.


LactApp is the first digital lactation consultant in your pocket that gives new mothers customized expert answers to breastfeeding and maternity questions by using AI technology.

The app empower mothers with information and support to achieve the breastfeeding journey they desire, with one goal in mind: to improve the mother’s experience during this stage of motherhood and beyond.

LactApp is a care tool that serves in a highly customized and automatic way, which propose respectful options for all audiences, free of any judgement and bias and with the most affordable access possible for all mothers worldwide.

Stork Women

Stork Women’s mission is to challenge the one size fits all approach to pregnant women’s healthcare by empowering 2 billion women worldwide to take control of their treatment pathways.

The platform host an on demand 24 hours continuity care virtual pregnant women’s clinic. Via the platform mother’s can access midwives and other pregnant/postpartum women on the platform, to discuss issues they are having and find solutions.

The Nest Club

The Nest Club is an education platform for mothers from prenatal to postnatal care. The platform connects parents with obstetrics, midwifery, health, and wellness specialists as well as hosting, masterclasses and social online learning experience.

Their approach is based on self-care being as important as baby care! The platform explains, in a frank and honest way what comes after birth; recovery from birth, mental health, the pelvic floor, relationships, sex and all the sticky stuff in between.

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