The Leading FemTech Accelerator Announces its Spring 2021 Cohort

On March 1, 2021, the long-awaited FemTech Lab 12-week accelerator program opened with its Welcome day!

The carefully selected Spring 2021 Cohort includes 10 startups, which span over 6 different FemTech areas. These ten startups started the accelerator on Monday. The program will run for three months, culminating in a Demo Day on June 1st.

The unique 12-week FemTech-specific program involves over 50 workshops with 40 expert advisors across 3 main sprints: Product, Go-To-Market, and Finance – all with a FemTech-specific angle. The program also includes a state-of-the-art Founders Mental Wellbeing module to help founders strengthen their leadership skills, mental resilience, and wellbeing.

Ten incredible startups joined the program after going through the rigorous 3-round admissions process.

Spring Cohort 2021

Aurat Raaj – A local-language chatbot for adolescent girls in developing countries that delivers engaging education on reproductive health especially menstrual health.

The Fertility Circle – Fertility support, education platform and an app, connecting with leading fertility experts, provide content and products to inform, inspire and empower.

Femcy – A personalised wellness solution helping women globally manage symptomatic menstrual pain through customised recommendations and expert-led consultations.

LactApp – AI-enabled personalised digital postnatal maternity advice and breastfeeding support digitally by providing a reliable and customized source of information.

MyMilk Labs – MyLee, by MyMilk, is a breastmilk sensing device and App, to track breastfeeding and help prevent low milk supply via direct breast-milk sensing of just 6 drops of milk. Empowering mothers to be proactive about their breastfeeding success.

The Nest Club – Education platform (prenatal to postnatal care), connecting parents with obstetrics, midwifery, health, and wellness. Masterclasses, social online learning experience.

The Nourish App – The Nourish app (available) offers bite-sized emotional support, wellbeing & calm in mum’s (soon dad’s too!) pocket.

Selectivity – At-home sperm selection and intrauterine insemination, supported by two main medical devices. Patented technology.

Stork Women – A on demand 24 hours continuity care virtual pregnant women’s clinic. There are mid-wives and pregnant/post-partum women on the platform.

Worry Tree  – A mobile app-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tool that helps you manage your worries and build better-thinking habits, bringing long-term freedom from worry and negative thinking patterns.

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