The Company Making Menstruation Good For Fitness

Titled Phase & Function, the new series will provide fitness and nutritional resources aimed at reducing menstrual symptoms, assisting with weight loss, improving energy, and offering phase-specific mindset shifts

“It is uniquely designed to help women get their bodies to work as they naturally should“.

Omni-channel dynamic fitness method, P.volve, today announces its newest women’s health and wellness program – Phase & Function. Combining movement, mind, and meals, Phase & Function is powered by periods, with information and ideas to help women harness the four phases of the menstrual cycle to look and feel amazing. It is uniquely designed to help women get their bodies to work as they naturally should and revolutionizes the management of traditional menstrual symptoms like PMS and PMDD through dedicated and personalized nutrition and exercise plans created to sync with the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

Phase & Function launches as a clinically backed, first-to-market program, with dedicated cycle tracking, a personalized workout, and nutrition plan, as well as expert-led education. To explore each offering within the new program, here’s what to expect:

  • Cycle Tracking: Participants input details about the length of their period, the length of their cycle, and the date of their last period for P.volve to provide a unique routine that will work best for each woman.
  • Personalized Plan: Next, each participant is provided with individualized phase-specific workouts, meal plans, and mindset shifts that match the ebb and flow of their hormones to all four phases of the cycle.
  • Expert-Led Education: P.volve’s team of experts includes an OBGYN, nutritionists, health coach, and trainers who will teach you how to get to know your body better and minimize symptoms of PMS and PMDD. The team of experts have also conducted live Q&A sessions as an added information resource online (via desktop and mobile web).

Designed to increase productivity, communication, and personal development, the program is developed in conjunction with P.volve’s Clinical Advisory Board member, Dr. Suman Tewari, MD, OBGYN, certified nutrition expert, as well as Registered Dietician, Vanessa Rissetto, MS, RD, CDN, and P.volve’s team of certified and empathetic experts and trainers including Alexia Acebo, NASM certified trainer and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Maeve McEwen, NASM Nutrition & Personal Training, Pilates Mat certified and corrective exercise specialist, and Antonietta Vicario, Integrative Health Coach and Pre/Post Natal, Pilates, Yoga certified and Gray Institute 3D Maps expert. This first-to-market approach is the next phase of cycle syncing to work with your body and feel empowered all month long.

“I am incredibly proud of all that P.volve stands for and our continued evolution in the women’s wellness space, but as a business leader, developing Phase & Function with this fearless and genius group of women has quickly become a career highlight,” says Rachel Katzman, Co-founder of P.volve. “We spent time listening, researching, and getting closer with our community than ever before to develop a program we feel  provides the resources for women to re-learn and navigate their bodies to optimize their health like never before.”

Phase & Function is the first program to launch under P.volve’s new Clinical Advisory Board, marking its investment in scientific and clinical research, and actioning its commitment to developing and providing a new level of holistic health and wellness options to subscribers globally. P.volve’s team of expert trainers have created workouts designed to address each phase of the menstrual cycle across all class types including Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn, Recover & Stretch, found in its library of workouts. In parallel, P.volve’s certified diet, nutrition, and obstetrician-gynaecology experts – Vanessa Rissetto, Alexia Acebo, and Dr. Suman Tewari – worked closely together to develop the entire nutrition portion of Phase & Function, ensuring that every ingredient and meal works best for each of the four phases, and assuring that all workouts match the ebb and flow of hormones during any given menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, or luteal phase.

Mind, movement, and meals are the holistic pillars, and critical cycle-syncing components, of the Phase & Function program. “Focusing on your mind, the program will teach participants how to take advantage of hormone fluctuations throughout their monthly cycle, tapping into their innate wisdom to best approach external factors such as careers, relationships, sex, and more,” says Dr. Tewari, “the mind is the root, and then movement and workouts that match the ebb and flow of natural hormones, is what allows the program to optimize your body’s energy and strength at every phase in the cycle.”  As a key competitive differentiator, meals are where much of the personalized experience comes into play.  “To properly fuel your body in accordance with your hormones, we worked to develop phase-specific food lists and recipes,” says Rissetto. “We curated nutritional options that complement the workouts in an innovative way to create one home for an empowered period.”   

“P.volve is committed to raising awareness around otherwise quiet conversations and stigmas in women’s wellness“.

Co-founded, and operated by over 60% women at the executive level and made up of more than 75% women in the company at large, P.volve is committed to raising awareness around otherwise quiet conversations and stigmas in women’s wellness. The company is prolifically changing the results that you typically expect from your daily fitness solution by not only providing the physical results one might desire but also the transformative results from the inside out with a better understanding of your body.  As a leader in the women’s wellness space through success with programs tied to pelvic floor strengthening and pre-and post-natal workouts among others, the brand was inspired to design Phase & Function for women as a complement to their suite of programming available, to ignite the power within and reclaim control through education and resources that promote getting to know your body better. “As a team of women, we understand that all bodies are different and we celebrate those differences throughout our programs and offerings,” says Katzman, “whether your cycle is predictable, irregular, or chooses its own path monthly, birth control or not, early days in the world of having a period or on your way out pre-menopause – this program has a multitude of customizations available.”

About P.volve:
P.volve is a health-driven, omnichannel functional fitness method that combines dynamic joint movement with patented resistance-based equipment that works with the body to increase mobility, protect joints, and eliminate pain. With proud roots in physical therapy, the P.volve method was conceptualized and co-founded by Rachel Katzman in 2017. Seeing an opportunity to rethink fitness for those whose health and well-being are not served by traditional, vanity-based fitness models, P.volve uses functional, controlled movements paired with resistance training to allow your body to move in the way it was designed to move, improve your body’s performance, and leave you looking amazing.

Since its founding, P.volve has grown from a small boutique studio in New York City to a global fitness authority with offerings that include a robust virtual and on-demand library of classes, certified trainers, studios in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, and a growing line of patented equipment and programming. Available worldwide via the P.volve app and online, P.volve is headquartered in New York City and operates in partnership with Camelot Venture Group. For more information, please visit and follow the brand on Instagram.

About the Experts:
About Dr. Suman Tewari, MD, OBGYN
Dr. Tewari is an obstetrician-gynaecologist who worked closely with our team of experts and trainers to ensure all workouts match the ebb and flow of your hormones in any given phase. Dr. Tewari has over 20 years of experience in the medical field and functional medicine. She specializes in helping women balance hormones, hot flashes, pain with sex, breast health, uterine disorders, and related conditions.

About Vanessa Rissetto, MS, RD, CDN
Vanessa Rissetto is a nutritionist who worked with Alexia to develop the entire nutrition portion of Phase & Function, ensuring that every ingredient and meal works best for each of the four phases. She completed her dietetic internship through New York University where she is currently the Dietetic Internship Director. She is certified in Adult Weight Management Levels I & II and is well versed in both the clinical and private space.

About Alexia Acebo, Contributing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Lead Trainer
Alexia Acebo is a Contributing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Lead P.volve Trainer who uses food as the foundation to create a holistic plan based on what will work best for your body and your life. She specifically paired her outlook on functional nutrition with Vanessa’s scientific approach to create food lists, recipes, and movement recommendations that will optimize your entire well-being during all four phases of the menstrual cycle.

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