Best Fitness Health Apps For Women

Who needs a gym-buddy when your smartphone can tag along?

As a generation of fitness addicts, we’re always looking for new, effective ways to get fit and stay healthy. Enter, the smartphone; an accessible means of keeping track of your training, with a great diet and motivational tips alongside. Download the right apps, and you have a pocket personal trainer at the touch of a button – and it’s completely free!

New to the app-ing game? Kick-start a healthier you with these 7 apps.

Nike Training Club

Get toned fast, with the biggest sports brand in the world. For this app, Nike researchers and pro athletes came together to create 100+ full-body workouts, tailored to your needs. Accommodating all levels of fitness, NTC offers you every type of exercise, from strength training and stability to yoga in 15, 30 or 45 minute bites. And it gets better; users can also unlock exclusive rewards as they progress, including unseen workouts and training advice. If you download any app, make it this one.


Healthy mind, healthy you. Leave

the hubbub behind and adopt the art of mindfulness. Living in the present and being ‘aware’ of your surroundings eliminates stress and anxiety. Many of us are too preoccupied by what could happen or hung-up on the past to appreciate the moment. Mindful meditation brings you back to the here and now. Using Omvana, you can reflect, take time out and unwind to some truly peaceful tracks. The benefits are amazing:  improved sleep, greater focus and a happier you!

The 7 Minute Workout

If you like to live life in the fast lane, exercise included, try the 7 Minute Workout. Sure, it doesn’t cover the recommended 30 mins per day, but it’s the perfect quick-fix workout when you’re pushed for time. Similar to HIIT and Tabata, the 7 Minute Workout consists of hard-hitting, all-intense 30 second blasts of circuit exercises, designed to push your body to the absolute limit – the more sweat-drenched and unpleasant the better! You need to make those 7 minutes count, so don’t hold back.


If you’re trying to trim down your waistline without avail, download MyFitnessPal. Many of us don’t realise how many calories we consume day-to-day. Light bites and quick snacks easily go unnoticed, leading to surprise weight-gain when you hit the scales. How much weight? But I’ve been so good! MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counter and food diary that helps you keep track of your diet habits. If you’ve a target weight in mind, MyFitnessPal helps you to stick within your calorie limit and shed pounds.


Constant training brings boredom. If you’re slogging away at the same workout, day in day out, you’ll eventually hit a plateau. Ditch the repetitiveness and maintain excellent fitness through a varied, dynamic exercise plan. With MINDBODY Connect you’ve instant access to all the best nearby workouts/classes to suit your fitness goals. Alternatively, if you’re in need of a little TLC; the app caters to your relaxation needs too, with top health spas at the touch of a button! Ladies, it’s a must.

Healthy Out

If you can’t say no to takeout, get Healthy Out on your mobile. This handy app allows you to have a guilt-free cheat day, by providing you with the best restaurant/dish to match your diet. If you’re calorie counting, Healthy Out scans your location for nearby 4-5* spots that provide delicious healthy meals, free of excess fats, oils and sugars. Going Paleo? On a restricted diet? Healthy Out has you covered. Simply add your address, filter your requirements and you’re all set – happy eating!

Charity Miles

Finding the motivation to get fit is tough, so why not do it for a deserving cause? Bring purpose to your workouts with Charity Miles. Rather than mindlessly clocking up the miles on a treadmill because you feel like you have to, let your charitable good deeds drive you to amazing fitness. For every mile you run, walk or bike with Charity Mile, a donation is made to a charity in need on your behalf. It’s completely free; all you need to worry about is getting the miles in to make a difference!

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