Men in FemTech?

The amount of Men in ‘FemTech’ stands at 29%, a report from Storm3 finds

In partnership with FemTech Lab, Storm3 has created an in-depth report which looks into gender diversity from an angle it isn’t traditionally viewed from the presence of men in ‘FemTech’.

Gathering data from 40 ‘FemTechs’ worldwide, holding interviews with men looking to enter the market; and speaking with ‘FemTech’ clients in the C-Suite, Storm3’s report reveals the current state of gender diversity in ‘FemTech’. By focusing on one of the only Tech areas where the gender balance is flipped, the report hopes to engage a different type of audience and reach a group that may not have traditionally empathised with the wider-scale problem of lack of female talent in Tech.

Katia Lang, Co-Founder of FemTech Lab, said: “the ideal world is a balanced one […] however, the balance is now skewed to FemTech being perceived as a sector ‘by women, for women’ and ‘solving women’s issues, and therefore getting little attention from men.”

Clare Cooper, Founder of Storm3, said: “This is no passion project – this is important. We need to talk about women’s healthcare, raise awareness, and play our part as recruiters in ensuring that ‘FemTech’ companies receive the recognition (and talent) that they deserve and need.”

Download the full report here.

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Company bio:

Storm3 are leaders in global HealthTech recruitment, connecting organisations with the senior talent to drive their mission. With institutional backing from Puffin Point Investments, the company have over $3m in Series A funding to disrupt the HealthTech recruitment market. Their highly specialised teams cover key HealthTech skillsets across C-Suite in Product Management, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Data & Analytics. They are a leading provider of HealthTech-focused information to clients for market compensation and best practice in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, hiring and retention.

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