FemTech Founder: An Interview with Jingjin Liu CEO of ZaZaZu

Tell Us About Yourself and ZaZaZu?

Zazazu is the first sexual wellness hub in Asia that synchronizes sexual education, curation of products and engage the female community to empower women to own their sexual wellbeing. I am the founder and I started this journey just one year ago with my co-founder at that time. Which actually earlier this year we recognised that startup plus sexual wellbeing is definitely not for everyone. My background’s actually in industrial engineering. It has always been my passion and calling to empower women, I just simply didn’t know where to start.

I grew up in China, so I’m Chinese and went to Germany when I was 16 and pursued a very male-dominated industry, which is automotive/Industrial engineering (and) was the first marketing director in a $4 billion German automotive firm. Working alone with a lot of men and in the male-dominated industry, make me wonder why women don’t pursue this kind of opportunity.

“I think buying a vibrator what’s the big deal anymore”.

What are your goals for ZaZaZu?

The goal for Zazazu was really to become change. Let’s say the mission (was) really to normalize sexual wellness for everyday women. 

I think buying a vibrator what’s the big deal anymore. It’s not. Let’s use new things. Let’s take care of, you know, I think to take care of your sexual wellbeing is more established (In the Western World). Whereas in Asia, you will still need to transform women from (the idea that) sexual wellbeing is not a big deal, not having great sex is a problem. I mean, I’m not even talking about orgasm. It’s about having pleasure it’s about, you know, pleasure could be having intimacy with your partner, and it’s about putting your sexual well-being on the to-do list a little bit.

Also to understand the impact of not having great sex, not having, a constant, continuous sex life. I want to normalize the sexual wellbeing of the everyday woman, from the girl who sells bubble tea to the girl who is the receptionist. So people are more mature in terms of their sexual health, sexual wellbeing, but for the majority, the mass market, they don’t understand them.

Generally speaking, women don’t think not having great sex or not having a proper sex life is a problem it’s rather saying, okay, it’s an obligation towards my husband. It’s an obligation because you know, men have a need, therefore I’m there to fulfil it. This is a kind of narrative it makes me quite angry because we talk a lot about female empowerment.

” The best way to have a great sex life is to discover your body first”.

So I want to encourage women to understand their bodies going back to the problem here in Asia, why people don’t have great sex despite the cultural impact. It’s also because women don’t understand their bodies. The best way to have a great sex life is to discover your body first, when you know, what’s good for you, then you can communicate this with your partner as well.

If you always expect your partner to give you pleasure or to provide the service you won’t be able to discover what’s good for you. So I really want to do the platform that encourages women to discover, to explore, to experiment about their sexuality, and then really to normalise this conversation to really create a world where sex is healthy, you know, pleasure is, healthy pleasure is normal and the education gap is sealed.

Where do you see the future of sexual wellness in Asia?

I think the next generation is very vocal so the narrative of serving the men is almost gone. You can’t normalize the sexual wellbeing of the whole region if you start in some modern city.  Singapore, unfortunately, is not considered one. 

On the outside, they see us as a very, I think, very modern and very advanced city in Asia. But the narrative because of the Colonial impact, narrative about sex is a lot towards the men. So and then when you compare this to a country, for example, Taiwan, Taiwan has a very strong American impact influence. So the women are more way liberal, whereas the Asians in this region (Singapore) is a little bit more left behind, but generally, the younger generation, drive the agenda. They take care of their body. I think the well-being, whether it be mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing.

I think generally the internet of things has changed this as this narrative completely as well. I think also this generation questions more the status quo. The question, you know, what is next to that? Then, what the previous generation has done is the right thing to do. And that obviously they own their body. I think that this, this is Asia is the fastest-growing region actually, when it comes to sexual wellbeing in Asian beauty of all ages, because you have so many people, if it grows, it grows extraordinary.

Jingjin Liu is the CEO and Founder of ZaZaZu a sexual wellness hub in Asia that synchronizes sexual education, curation of products and engage the female community to empower women to own their sexual wellbeing.

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