How These FemTech Companies are Helping Humanity

With World Humanitarian Day coming up here is a list of FemTech companies helping humanitarian causes.

World Humanitarian Day is on the 19th of August every year and here are some FemTech companies who are helping women all around the world. Check out the incredible work these companies do on a daily basis. is a primary source of information for abortion in regions of the world where abortion is criminalized or not easily accessible. Their website helps women get information about the laws of abortion in their country and what is on offer to them. One of the great things is that they make it easy for women to find the best option for them, whether in their country or if they have to travel abroad. Informational images show what the medication looks like as well so that they know they are being safe. 

Aurat Raaj based in Pakistanis a social enterprise that creates interactive and engaging technology products and services to educate girls on health, hygiene and safety. They help make period education more accessible and break the stigmas around menstrual blood. They have something called ‘Raaji’ are ‘digital incubators’ which are located in women community leader houses and are acted like a hub for women to educate themselves in rural areas.

Mumspring is helping reverse the high newborn death trend and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. They give access to essential health services and vaccines for women and babies. Their app gives real-time access to pregnancy and newborn information. They also have a podcast with stories from African mothers and the ‘MumPod’ where mothers can share stories of their experiences.

Care Mother is based in India and helps detect high-risk pregnancies in early stages through their mobile monitoring system. They have three different healthcare solutions depending on the hospitals and doctor facilities. The first one is the ‘Babybeat’ fetal monitor which is linked to your smartphone with real-time reports for the doctor. The ‘Fetosense’ for fetal heart monitoring is a portable and wireless machine that gives you real-time notifications for abnormalities. Lastly, the ‘AnandiMaa’ is a portable pregnancy care kit with a single platform to keep communication simple between mother, health worker and doctor.

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