5 Groundbreaking FemTech Fertility Companies

The global fertility and pregnancy rapid test kits market is estimated to be valued at $12 million in terms of value in 2019 and is expected to reach over $16 million by the end of 2027. This opens up a huge opportunity for FemTech fertility companies to innovate in this space.

However, fertility treatments currently have a success rate that ranges from 29% to 2% depending on the age of the mother.

With results like that the industry is definitely ready for some innovation. Below we list our five top FemTech fertility companies pushing.


Selectivity Life - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Selectivity are a medical technology startup that supports people to access fertility treatment.

The company uses a non-invasive technology that allows the self-selection of the healthiest and most suitable sperm for fertilisation, without centrifugation.

This technology means that the specimen has less handling and exposure to light, thus taking better care of the DNA of the cells, resulting in a fast and easy-to-use method that eliminates the need for complex equipment, facilities, and highly trained personnel.

Fertility Circle

Fertility Circle (@FertilityCircle) | Twitter

Fertility Circle is a handy app that offers experts, education, community and support through a person’s fertility journey.

Developed by a team who have been on their own fertility journey’s the app provides everything a person needs to support their own.

The app consists of four main parts community, experts, education and holistic support which are developed in partnership with 50 leading fertility experts and 25 brand partners. These partnerships also provide in-app support for users through expert content and advice.

Fruitful Health

Fruitful Health has developed fertility testing designed to be done in the comfort of one’s home.

Through their easy-to-use postal service, users collect their samples at home and mail them straight to Fruitful Health’s labs. The user then receives personalised fertility insights led by a team of medical experts who are there to answer questions and guide you on any next steps.

The company acts as a one-stop shop for fertility testing needs.

Lady Technologies

Lady Technologies have developed kegg, a kegal ball which when inserted inside the vagina can predict ovulation and support fertility.

As a woman goes through her cycle, the hormonal fluctuations create changes in the electrolyte levels of cervical fluid. kegg senses changes and displays them to users in actionable results. This is done with impedance technology, which uses very low-level electrical pulses to sense how your cervical fluid affects those pulses.


Kindbody Announces Largest Fertility Raise in History with $62M Series C  Funding

Kindbody provides fertility, gynaecology, and family-building services at over 300 locations around the United States through their own clinics and partner clinics.

Kindbody utilises proprietary technology to enable high-touch care and positive outcomes. Through their use of technology and virtual care, Kindbody is able to provide services at lower prices than regular fertility centres.

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