Humour and AI Supporting Women with Cancer

It sounds like the opening to a classic joke: “A cancer survivor, a scientist, and a doctor walk into a bar,” but instead it’s a groundbreaking 8-week Mindset and Metastatic Cancer Research Study utilizing artificial intelligence to investigate personalized stress reduction strategies for women with living with advanced cancer. This study is the brainchild of Saranne Rothberg, a stage IV cancer survivor and founder of The ComedyCures Foundation.

“Humor, laughter, play, meditation, yoga, breathing and visualization techniques were critical in reducing my stress, giving me more energy and hope as I fought through three cancer surgeries, 44 radiation treatments and two-plus years of chemotherapy beginning in 1999,” recounts Rothberg, who is now cancer-free.

“Individualized stress management and relaxation self-care plan, informed by artificial intelligence”.

As part of this study, she is inviting others living with a metastatic diagnosis to create individualized stress management and relaxation self-care plan, informed by artificial intelligence, to improve their quality of life. Rothberg sought out the help of Dr. Katherine Grill, a neuroscientist and co-founder of Neolth, an award-winning Silicon Valley digital health platform. Dr. Grill explains, “Mental health is often overlooked when clinicians create treatment plans for cancer patients. I wanted to make mental health support more accessible to patients. We are excited to be adding Saranne’s expertise and fun strategies, plus original ComedyCures content, to our Neolth platform as part of this important study.” 

Neolth’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Claire Wheeler, an Integrative MD and Psychologist with expertise in stress management and author of “Pocket Therapy for Stress” will also oversee the collaborative study as a co-principal investigator. Dr. Wheeler states, “Women with cancer who participate in stress management and emotional support programs have significant improvements in quality of life, immune markers, and even improve their survival rates.”

“A complimentary Neolth subscription will be provided to each woman“.

Rothberg joyfully describes, “Each participant will be asked to use the Neolth platform via mobile device, tablet and/or desktop to create her own personalized self-care plan with the help of Neolth’s proprietary technology and many experts. A complimentary Neolth subscription will be provided to each woman thanks to innovative cancer and behaviour research grant awarded to our ComedyCures Foundation by The Willow Foundation. In prior years, the foundation’s grant was awarded to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.”

Willow Foundation co-founder and stage IV cancer survivor Leah Evert confirms, “Because the pandemic caused people living with cancer to endure even more isolation, health risks, and stress, The Willow Foundation felt that this year’s grant should be given to The ComedyCures Foundation because of its track record for positively impacting the lives of others in mental, emotional, and/or physical crisis.”

Evert adds, “As a cancer and COVID-19 survivor, Saranne’s authentic vision to research an immediately scalable and affordable healthcare solution integrating artificial intelligence, technology, plus award-winning ComedyCures and Neolth programming, made funding this mindset research very compelling.”

In addition to the many relaxation practices offered through the study, participants will have the opportunity to attend three live online sessions with Rothberg and several of her ComedyCures comedians, Please see study FAQ’s for more information and to immediately enrol.


The ComedyCures Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit, here 24/7 to tickle funny bones. Through award-winning digital programs and live events, ComedyCures entertains, educates, and helps patients, caregivers, and frontline workers develop their superpowers of laughter, hope, joy, play, and a comic perspective. @ComedyCures


Neolth provides stress and mental health support by delivering on-demand, personalized care via their self-guided platform. This includes relaxation practices, self-care and mental health tracking, and videos about mental health. Neolth is introducing a variety of original content from The ComedyCures Foundation to support people living with cancer. All ComedyCures study participants will be given free access to Neolth for an extended time. @Neolth


The Willow Foundation (USA) supports research efforts that help connect behaviours with improved outcomes for advanced and late-stage cancer patients.


From stage IV cancer patient to ComedyCures CEO, Saranne Rothberg is sought-after healthcare thought leader, speaker, patient advocate, and health and happiness expert. She launched The ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair in 1999 and today is cancer-free, helping over one million people at over 1,800 live and digital events worldwide rediscover their funny bone, mojo, and purpose. @sarannelive

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