Female-Founded Company pH-D® Feminine Health Announces Revenues Doubled in 2020

pH-D Feminine Health, the nation’s first-to-market and leading provider of holistic boric acid suppositories and other feminine hygiene and wellness solutions, today announced its 2020 revenue totals. The company successfully doubled its sales from 2019 to 2020, reaching $12MM in total sales for last year. Additionally, pH-D Feminine Health quadrupled its distribution in brick and mortar stores to more than 25,000 locations in 2020. Products, including the company’s first-to-market and number one best-selling holistic boric acid suppositories for vaginal odor, are currently on sale at most major retailers, including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Meijer and many others. All products are made in the USA at company-owned facilities in Tennessee and Nebraska.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to report that we’ve essentially doubled our revenue every year since we started up, and we’re already on target to keep that track record going in 2021, as well.”Tweet this

“Our astounding growth, which kicked off almost immediately after we founded the brand in 2014, points to the previously unmet need in the female health and wellness marketplace. American women are seeking holistic products to support their vaginal health, and we’re providing those solutions. This is especially important for women who have limited access to care nationwide,” said Deeannah Seymour, Founder of pH-D Feminine Health. “We’re absolutely thrilled to report that we’ve essentially doubled our revenue every year since we started up, and we’re already on target to keep that track record going in 2021, as well.”

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, vaginal odor is one of the most common issues women will encounter regarding their vaginal health. Despite the prevalence of this condition, many women still report feeling a stigma about discussing it, let alone seeking solutions and advice. pH-D Feminine Health, a privately held, women-owned and women-run company, worked with physicians to develop the number one doctor-recommended boric acid vaginal suppository. In addition to growing product distribution, the company also seeks to increase awareness and understanding of women’s vaginal and sexual health.

Persistence Market Research expects the feminine hygiene market to reach $38B by 2026. However, for low-income women, particularly women of color, access to care continues to be a significant issue. pH-D Feminine Health’s holistic boric acid suppositories are available at retailers nationwide, making them both more accessible and more affordable than many prior options.

“It’s unfortunate that so few women understand the causes for vaginal odor, and that so many of them attach shame to experiencing it. The fact is, it’s an extremely common occurrence. One of our products is now sold every 30 seconds, and we’ve been a top seller in feminine hygiene for the last five years. That means that women across the country are regaining their vaginal balance and enthusiastically sharing their experiences with friends, colleagues and loved ones. There’s no reason to continue suffering with this problem in silence,” said Seymour.

About pH-D Feminine Health

pH-D® Feminine Health has revolutionized holistic feminine hygiene and wellness solutions and has empowered millions of women to feel more confident and comfortable. The first company to bring boric acid vaginal suppositories to market in 2014, pH-D’s #1 best-selling product has become a solution for countless women with vaginal odor. Their mission is to improve the lives of women by creating high quality, holistic products that address their most intimate health needs. An independently held, certified women-owned and women-run business, pH-D was developed in partnership with Vireo Systems and their scientific advisory board and is the #1 best-selling, doctor-recommended boric acid vaginal suppository. The company’s products are manufactured in-house at their own GMP certified facilities in Tennessee and Nebraska ensuring the highest quality standards. For more information visit, www.phdfemininehealth.com.

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