2022 – The year Cycle Care is everywhere

The first trend report on the cycle care industry, The Future of Cycle Care 2022 by Ultra Violet Futures, shows the field maturing and moving away from simply tracking periods and crossing into lifestyle, wellbeing and healthcare markets. The hormone cycle influences all elements of physical and mental health and we are starting to see evidence of this reflected in product development, research and healthcare innovation. Ultra Violet Futures, the authors of the report, anticipates that cycle care will begin to permeate through multiple consumer touchpoints by next year. 

“Expect to see the hormone cycle influence product development across a range of industries and markets“.

Research conducted by Ultra Violet Futures with healthcare providers, medical professionals, founders and investors, indicates that 2022 is the year of hormone synchronicity. As hormone fluctuations and their impact on all areas of mental and physical health, dermatology and nutrition are better understood, expect to see the hormone cycle influence product development across a range of industries and markets. Market disruptors leading the way with this trend are already seeing the commercial value and holistic benefits of providing consumers with wellness options at every stage of their hormone cycle. It will be vital for all industries to take note and consider how they can best adapt to meet these new consumer needs.

Ultra Violet Futures Cycle Care 2022 forecast indicates the market will be defined by the four main trends; Precision Health, Wellbeing Pollination, Planet Positive and Radical Inclusivity with users sitting at the centre of development. Across the board, the emerging signals show collaboration between brands and consumers, between healthcare and start-ups, and it will create a new era of user-centred innovation. The silos that previously marred the sector will be broken down in the name of collaboration and progress.

“Sustainability is already a key pillar of product development“.

Precision Health sees an integration of healthcare and consumer brands creating more seamless, and patient-centred experiences. Wellbeing Pollination shows that cycle self-care is gaining traction across the wellbeing sector. Cyclical innovations will be everywhere from beauty shelves to restaurant menus. Sustainability is already a key pillar of product development but a new generation of brands are accelerating the industry’s conscious behaviours in Planet Positive and providing sustainable solutions from form to function. Radical Inclusivity promotes a new openness, introducing the idea that periods are for everyone, not just cis-women. As people challenge the language and imagery used when talking about the cycle, it’s important that products that are suitable for everyone, including minority communities, are developed and marketed accordingly. 

Rhiannon Jones, Co-Founder and Director of Ultra Violet Futures and lead author on the report says: 

“We’ve taken the time to dissect the key drivers shaping consumer behaviour in 2022 and understand the impact on cycle care. We’re excited to say this forecast is the first of its kind in the industry, but this report isn’t exclusively for the FemTech world. The evolution of cycle care is something that will be felt by every sector. As consumers embrace super cycling and planet positive periods, all brands from skincare to nutrition will need to take note of how a greater understanding of hormonal health is changing consumer desires and needs.”

The world’s first trend forecasting agency in FemTech, women’s and marginalised health innovation Ultra Violet Futures, launches its inaugural report: Cycle Care 2022. Ultra Violet Futures is uniquely placed to combine intimate industry knowledge, contacts and experience to provide insightful, and thought-provoking forecasts within the now-thriving field. The report uncovers the latest signals in cycle care and what this means for the industry within the next 18 months. 

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