Vella Bioscience Inc. Secures $50 Million Post-Money Valuation

Vella Bioscience, Inc., the FemTech company behind Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum, a first-of-its-kind, clinically demonstrated pre-play topical serum that promotes increased arousal and lubrication, and more frequent, intense, and satisfying orgasms, has closed a $7 million seed II funding round, anchored by Aaron Fleck & Associates.

The funding round, which was heavily oversubscribed, puts Vella Bioscience, Inc. at over $50 million post-money valuation, positioning the FemTech company to move forward on its mission in putting science in service of every woman’s sexual empowerment.

“This is a critical milestone that will drive Vella Bioscience’s future growth and we’re grateful for the overwhelming support from a diverse network of investors,” said Chief Executive Officer Nial DeMena. “We exceeded our initial goal by more than $2 million and haven’t seen this type of response from investors within the FemTech space before – especially during a pandemic year.

“Our raise is a true testament to the market’s enthusiasm for category expansion and the power of our team and science-based approach.”

Vella Bioscience Inc., launched earlier this month with its breakthrough flagship product, Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum. Co-founded by Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, the lead Principal Investigator for Viagra® and Cialis®, Vella’s proprietary nano-encapsulated CBD technology delivers CBD beyond the skin to relax vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle to encourage arousal and orgasm.

“Vella is arriving on the market at a pivotal moment when major changes in the cultural acceptance of female sexual pleasure are happening,” said Chief Operating Officer Carolyn Wheeler.

“We are leading the charge of exemplifying that women’s sexual wellness is an integral part of women’s health, happiness, and right to pleasure.”

“Our science-based approach truly sets us apart from any other product on the market and investors recognize that.”

With this new funding, Vella Bioscience, Inc. is well-positioned to advance a product portfolio of science-driven innovations, further strengthening the promise of sexual empowerment for all women.

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About Vella Bioscience, Inc.
Vella Bioscience, Inc. is a FemTech company driven to put science in service of every woman’s sexual empowerment. At the company’s core, women come first. Founded by a team of medical researchers, scientists and industry experts, Vella Bioscience, Inc. leads the intersection of proprietary science and luxury beauty for sexual wellness. Vella Bioscience, Inc. launched with its flagship, category-first product, Vella Pleasure Serum, which is designed to give women power over their pleasure. The first-of-its-kind serum features proprietary nano-encapsulated CBD technology, which serves as the company’s platform technology to advance a product portfolio of radical innovations further strengthening the promise of sexual empowerment for all women.

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