Bonafide Brings Innovation to the Menopause Space With Non-Drug Solutions

Bonafide, the women’s healthcare brand with a unique research-first approach to non-drug products, is at the forefront of modernizing menopause. Since its inception in 2018, the Company has invested millions of dollars on clinical research, conducted at least 3-4 studies per year, and brought one new product to market every 12 months. To date, more than 70,000 women love and trust Bonafide’s products.  

On a mission to provide women with new and effective treatment options for symptoms experienced throughout perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause, Bonafide has developed a portfolio of proprietary drug-and hormone-free solutions designed to provide effective relief for a myriad of menopausal symptoms ranging from hot flashes to improved sexual satisfaction. The ingredients in every Bonafide product are the result of thorough research, development, and clinical trials—and most importantly, are scientifically validated.

From the start, Bonafide has pioneered a hybrid pharmaceutical/eCommerce model linking the power of a national, direct-to-physician field force with the accessibility and convenience of a digitally native brand. The Company plans to continue to expand its offerings for mid-life women this year in the United States. 

Bonafide’s naturally powerful product range includes:  

  • Revaree®: provides naturally powerful relief from vaginal dryness through an FDA-cleared and easy-to-use vaginal insert that renews your body’s moisture for everyday comfort and intimacy. Women experienced an 86% reduction in vaginal itching and burning.
  • Relizen®: 75% of women on Relizen experience less frequent and less intense hot flashes. Relizen provides relief from menopausal hot flashes and night sweats, as well as improved sleep quality.
  • Ristela®: increases sexual satisfaction by 75% by month two through hormone-free support for sexually active women who want to enhance their response to sexual stimulation.
  • Serenol™: 87% of women have recommended Serenol to their friends after experiencing relief from emotional PMS symptoms by balancing mood swings, calming irritability and uneasiness, and even curbing cravings and water retention.
  • Essentials: a line of complementary vitamins and supplements to improve overall wellness for mid-life women. 

“My experience in the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries showed me the barriers that stigma can put on innovation as well as our collective ability to provide relief to suffering people,” says Mike Satow, co-founder and CEO at Bonafide.

“At Bonafide, we’re committed to utilizing our backgrounds from pharma to source and to develop the best non-drug solutions in order to address the needs and desires of a generation of women.”

While more than 1 billion women are expected to be in menopause globally by 2025, fewer are using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and there is a gap in the market for non-drug products. Despite growing demand for non-drug alternatives, menopause-related startups globally have raised just $254 million since 2009, creating a significant gap in the market that has resulted in many women “toughing it out.” 

In response, Bonafide is committed to continue to bring real innovation to the menopause category via rigorous research and development and clinical studies. This commitment starts with a backbone of more than 9,000 health care professionals who trust and recommend Bonafide products to their patients.

About Bonafide

Bonafide Health was launched with a simple mission in mind: to provide women with new and effective treatment options for relief from symptoms throughout their menopause journey. Trusted by more than 9,000 unpaid health care professionals, Bonafide provides hormone-free, drug-free treatments that work using unique, naturally derived ingredients. 

Bonafide®, Ristela®, Relizen®, and Serenol™ and their associated logos are trademarks of Bonafide Health, LLC. Revaree® and its associated logo are the exclusively licensed trademarks of JDS Therapeutics, LLC, the parent company of Bonafide Health, LLC. All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

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