Women’s Health Should be a Priority New Book Explains

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“A Women’s Health Survival Guide: Helping You Become Your Best Self” (published by Archway Publishing) is a self-improvement guide that provides women with the tools they need to prioritize their own health every day, enabling them to better achieve their goals. In this book, Agranovich begins with the importance of developing a foundation of good health and builds from there. Here, she teaches women how to create their health team, take charge of their health by being their own health warrior, implement practical and effective ways to improve their daily health habits with emphasis on hydration, nutrition, fitness and sleep, as well as finding their passion, sexual health and financial health.

“As a woman, you’re expected to juggle so many things, from work to family to unrealistic body image expectations, but no one seems to tell you to prioritize your own health. I wanted to create a guide to help women make their health a priority,” Cheryl Agranovich, RN, BSN, MPH states.

“This book will appeal to all women no matter her current size or race. It offers knowledge that I have learned from my own health journey, as well as what I have learned getting my degrees and working with thousands of clients on behavioral change,” Agranovich says. “It is also a workbook that is customized specifically for the reader as they work through their particular areas of interest.”

“A Women’s Health Survival Guide: Helping You Become Your Best Self” aims for readers to be inspired to take care of themselves and to start taking the steps needed toward a healthier quality of life. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to help young women in need succeed by funding health education scholarships.

More details about the book can be found here.

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