FemTech Founder: An Interview with Breathe Ilo CMO, Lisa Krapinger

Lisa Krapinger is the CMO of The breathe ilo, the world’s first fertility tracker that uses breath analysis to identify a woman’s ovulation pattern and fertile window. As part of our FemTech Founder series, FemTech.Live interviewed Lisa about her mission to make ovulation testing easier and more comfortable.

So Lisa, tell us a bit about yourself and breathe ilo.

I am the CMO of breathe ilo and a real FemTech enthusiast! My vision is to promote women’s health and to make an important contribution to closing the existing data gap on technology and health of half the world’s population.

breathe ilo is the world’s first fertility tracker that uses breath analysis to identify a woman’s ovulation pattern and fertile window in a way that is easy and comfortable. Launched in 2019, we would describe our company as an Austrian female empowerment tech start-up on a mission to break the taboo which surrounds speaking out about trying to conceive and cycle tracking.

What motivated you to set up breathe ilo?

My main driver was to do Marketing for a product that clearly helps people and where I can influence the go-to-market strategy from the beginning on.

Lisa Krapinger, CMO of breahte ilo.

Due to family and friends problems while trying to conceive I knew the pressure and hard journey a couple has to go through when they have trouble becoming pregnant. I am thankful every day, that we can now help a lot of families to grow.

What I really love about my job is that we get a lot of pictures and messages of couples we helped to conceive. That motivates me every day. I also really proud of the team, that we have managed to build a brand, which is now well known at least within Austria and Germany. Other markets will follow, I am sure.

What are your dreams for breathe ilo?

I believe we will be a major player within the market of fertility tracking. We are at the moment focusing on clinical studies, also for couples with physical limitations.

The breathe ilo Device

With having a parameter that does not suffer from external factors, I am sure that the CO2 measurement will become the number one fertility measurement worldwide. Additionally, the technology of breath analysis can be used in other fields, for example, lung testing (which we are already researching with professional partners).

Most challenges are related to the research studies we need to do because they are very time- and cost consuming. But if we can gather enough funding for this, the usecases in breath testing are huge.

If you were able to create ANY kind of technology what would it be?

I would love to make beaming possible because that would save us all so much time and we could achieve a lot more in shorter time periods.

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