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Last week, amma pregnancy tracker, the global FemTech service for pregnant women and their families, attracted US$2 million from US, CIS and Asia-based investors, at a valuation of US$28 million. New investors include Alexey Solovyov A. Partners, the Joint Journey investment office Sergey Dashkov, the Angelsdeck business angel club, as well as a group of private investors.

amma pregnancy tracker was created in 2019 and operates from Hong Kong. The service provides pregnant women and their families with evidence-based content, pregnancy health tracking, and personalized advice from professional obstetricians and gynecologists. It is also supporting the emerging trend of conscious fatherhood, with fathers looking for more involvement, and answering the desire of women for more support. The main service is free, with the majority of revenue coming from advertising. amma pregnancy tracker is also establishing partnerships with local telemedicine services.

We caught up with Eugene Zhiharev, Founder & CEO, Amma Pregnancy Tracker, to hear how their latest raise will impact their company and the FemTech parenting market.

Can we get an intro to you and amma?

I am a serial entrepreneur and executive with a focus on digital health. In 2019 I have founded the amma pregnancy tracker with a headquarter in Hong Kong and become responsible for strategic development, business scaling, and fundraising.

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker
amma pregnancy tracker app is an AI-powered ecosystem of parenting applications that support women during the planning, pregnancy, and babycare period. Our key product is the amma pregnancy tracker, which is one of the most popular pregnancy trackers in the world with 1.5 million monthly active users and 10 million annual downloads. We provide clear, evidence-based pregnancy information, health tracking tools for every week of pregnancy, and personalized advice from obstetricians, gynecologists, psychotherapists, nutrition experts, and more.

Within 2 years amma pregnancy tracker’s monthly active audience has reached 1.5 mln users around the world, 10 million annual downloads (which covers approx. 7% of pregnant women worldwide), MRR of $ 250k. The app is localized in 10 languages.

What’s the Vision for amma?

When my wife was pregnant with my daughter, I went to pregnancy classes. After that experience, I found the information presented on the web was sparse and often unreliable. I created the Amma Pregnancy Tracker with a strong focus on reducing the stress and anxiety of expecting families. We now have a team of over 20 obstetricians, gynecologists, doctors, lawyers, fitness trainers, providing access to evidence-based, practical information, translated into the 10 most popular languages ​​of the world and adapted to take into account the legal and socio-cultural characteristics of each country and region.

Thanks to numerous studies, interviews, and constant communication with the user, in the first year the service was created, the amma pregnancy tracker was downloaded by 1 million organically – without a marketing budget. Today over 10 million pregnant women worldwide download the Amma Pregnancy Tracker every year. This is a confirmation that we are creating a valuable and useful product that provides emotional and informational support to pregnant women and their families around the world. This is a reason for our team to be proud.

What’s the future for amma?

amma pregnancy tracker

We see several directions for development. First of all, the further development of the ecosystem to help families from conception to the first years of childhood with amma period tracker, amma pregnancy tracker, and amma baby tracker. The development of the ecosystem will allow us to increase the users’ lifetime value from the existing 7 months to 5 years. This strategy will also allow us to expand the total addressable market up to 1.1 billion people.

We also continue to explore new regions. Our focus is on developing countries, which, according to forecasts, will become the main markets for the FemTech industry soon. At the moment we are among the top 3 leaders in the markets of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America. Following the successful completion of the Chinaccelerator in 2021, we will focus next on China, India, and the countries of Southeast Asia, a region with more than 4 billion population.

Amma Pregnancy Tracker helps to solve all 3 problems. With content created by a professional medical and journalistic team, we provide informational and emotional support to families. Thanks to family accounts, we enable partners and relatives of pregnant women to follow the development of pregnancy and be more involved. Thanks to the advertising monetization model, unlike most other pregnancy trackers, we provide access to the service for free, and we encourage our advertisers to place advertisements in the form of discounts and promotions to solve the problems of falling income and growing expenses for families.

Any Advice for Future Startups?

The most important lesson is the need to be able to hear your audience and constantly check how your product solves their problems. During our interviews, we identified 3 key problems of pregnant women around the world: Increased stress and anxiety, Low involvement of children’s fathers in pregnancy, and Decreased family income.

Where is FemTech going?

According to Emergen Research, the global FemTech market will grow by an average of 15% per year and will reach $60B by 2027 — more than threefold growth in less than a decade with high demand from developing nations. At the same time, according to the researchers, FemTech is heavily underfunded, with only 1.4% of all investments in healthcare. This opens a great opportunity for further growth.

Also, Currently, 12% of Amma Pregnancy Tracker users are partners of pregnant women. The proportion of men in the app is constantly growing. We welcome the growing trend towards conscious fatherhood and thus we are pleased that our FemTech product is becoming more and more demanded by men.

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