Support For Law Against False Advertising In Women’s Health

Legislation seeks to protect women’s health and prohibit deceptive advertising practices by limited services pregnancy centers.
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Attorney General William Tong submitted written testimony today in support of Senate Bill 835: “An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers,” which seeks to protect women’s health by prohibiting limited services pregnancy centers from engaging in false and misleading advertising.

Senate Bill 835 seeks to protect the public and women in particular from deceptive advertising. The legislation would bar limited services pregnancy centers from using false, misleading or deceptive language about the services provided, or using language offering services that the center has no intention of providing.

“When a pregnant woman is misled about the reproductive health services she can receive, she loses critical time. Time is particularly important when a woman is considering terminating her pregnancy. Delays may mean that safer, less-invasive options are no longer available, or even that she no longer has the option to terminate,” Attorney General Tong wrote in his testimony.

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