#FemTechFast: 60 Seconds with Twentyeight Health Co-Founder

TwentyEight Health CEO

About you

“As Twentyeight Health’s Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, and President, I oversee product development, branding, marketing, and community outreach for a company that’s dramatically increasing access to women’s sexual and reproductive care.”

“I grew up in Vancouver, Canada with a vastly different healthcare system. When I moved to the U.S., I experienced firsthand how difficult it is to navigate insurance, spending many hours to find an OBGYN who is in-network and would actually accept a new patient.”

Who are Twentyeight Health?

“Twentyeight Health is a telemedicine company, and our team is passionate about providing women from underserved communities with access to sexual and reproductive care.” 

“Twentyeight currently offers birth control pills, patch, ring, shot, and emergency contraception (Plan B or equivalent) prescriptions and delivery. In 2021, we will announce additional telemedicine care services for women’s sexual and reproductive care.” 

What motivates you?

“Today, low-income women are three times more likely to have an unintended pregnancy than the average woman in the US, and nearly one-third of physicians nationwide aren’t accepting new Medicaid patients.”

“These devastating statistics underscore why offering high-quality reproductive care, inclusive of people across race, income bracket, or health insurance status is more important than ever.”

Where will Twentyeight Health be in five years?

“In five years, Twentyeight Health will be available in cities across the U.S., and pursuing a global expansion. We’ll also offer a full-range of sexual and reproductive care services that support women at every stage of their lives.”

Most important lesson you’ve learned?

“I’d encourage founders to prioritize their mental health. Finding a calm headspace is different for everyone, and taking the time to figure out what balance means for yourself— especially early on—will help you be in this for the long haul!”

Proudest moment?

“We recently closed $5.1M in venture funding last October, and growing our leadership team, this month we announced an expansion into states across the West Coast—California, Oregon, and Washington. Now, millions more women across the U.S. will have access to our user-friendly telemedicine platform.”

If you were able to create ANY kind of technology what would it be?

“I often think most clearly when I’m walking, and I would love to have a tool where I would be able to write email responses simply by thinking about it so I can walk & respond!”

You can follow Twentyeight Health:
Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/twentyeighthealth
Twitter at https://twitter.com/Twenty8Health.

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