Solo Female Travelers Taps UrSafe Personal Safety App for its 90K “Wander Womxn”

UrSafe will provide its personal safety app to Solo Female Travelers’ nearly 90,000 members around the world in a deal announced today by UrSafe CEO Anthony Oyogoa, M.D and Solo Female Travelers co-founders Meg Jerrard and Mar Pages.

Interest in solo female travel is rising, and search volumes for the term grew six-fold in the four years before the start of the pandemic, but despite the growing trend, women still face many challenges and stereotypes when planning to travel on their own. Female-identifying individuals encounter additional challenges.

Safety is #1 concern among solo female travelers
“Our survey revealed that safety is the number one concern for 73% of solo female travelers and this concern decreases only slightly for women who have traveled solo more than 10 times,” explains Jerrard.

“Safety is the number one concern for 73% of solo female travelers”

“Using UrSafe to provide geolocation information to local emergency services, granular travel visibility to trusted allies and live streaming of incidents can increase travel confidence among woman who travel alone.”

“We tested many safety apps before selecting UrSafe because of its voice-activated SOS call function, which does not require someone who is in a stressful situation to find her phone or on having the battery-draining Bluetooth feature turned on. As a global community with members in more than 100 countries, we also value UrSafe’s global and expanding footprint and its affordability,” Pages adds.

“We’re delighted to provide an extra layer of safety to enable women to focus on the joys of travel”

“Exploring the world should be exciting, fun and empowering, and we’re delighted to provide an extra layer of safety to enable women to focus on the joys of travel,” says UrSafe’s Oyogoa. 

UrSafe provides emergency connection, visibility in 203 countries
App users who need assistance or feel unsafe simply say a code word or press a button to summon help, triggering immediate contextual alerts:

  • geolocation (“pin drop”) is synchronized with emergency services (911) in more than 200 countries
  • live stream video activates to document the scenario
  • users can share their location in real time with emergency services and trusted contacts.

About Solo Female Travelers
Founded in 2015 as a Facebook group for women and female-identifying individuals who were traveling by themselves, Solo Female Travelers now serves nearly 90,000 “wander womxn” in more than 100 countries. With 5,000 to 10,000 new members each month, it has expanded its offerings to include Empowerful, an online and on-demand safety, wellness and sexual wellbeing festival; small group travel for women; and research about the growing solo female travel market. 

Learn more at

About UrSafe
The UrSafe app offers hands-free, voice-activated SOS that’s fully integrated with emergency services (911) in more than 200 countries, even where there’s limited data service. The app is used around the world by dating partners, business and leisure travelers, Realtors©, in-home service providers, rideshare drivers and passengers, members of the military and people at risk of domestic or situational violence. It is available for both Apple and Android and Huawei users. Visit to learn more.

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