4 Female Health Brands to Watch in Asia

In celebration of Chinese New Year, we asked two leaders in the Female Health space in Asia who their key players are to watch.
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The technology market in Asia is ever-increasing as mid to large-scale company’s in the region implement transformation strategies which are placing digital as a priority area. The focus is very much on growth, progress, and new products.

FemTech is no exception. Asia is now one of the target markets for the usage of FemTech products. There is very much a regional effort to empower female leaders. This of course provides a great opportunity for a new generation of entrepreneurs to advance in FemTech..

With this in mind, we asked two leaders in the Asian female healthcare space who their key players in the region were.

LUÜNA naturals

Luuna sustainable female health brand for period products

LUÜNA naturals produce toxin and plastic-free period products and period care items for delivery & donation across Asia and the UK. Following a social impact model the brand support communities in need across Asia to combat period poverty.

Millie Hunter, Community Manager at LUÜNA naturals, highlighted the importance of the sustainable period brand within the Asian market.

“We are working hard to make periods better in Asia: through healthy, planet-friendly products, taboo-free education & social impact.”


Boomi sustainable female healthcare brand

Boomi is a Shanghai-based startup that provides starter-kits filled with eco-friendly products to support users in becoming more environmentally friendly. They have recently begun to include female health and wellness products to their customers.

Boomi was founded with the goal of transforming the plastic consuming habits of individuals in the Asia-Pacific region. As Millie Hunter, brand partner of Boomi, says Boomi is “working hard to equip more people with the means to live a sustainable, plastic-free lifestyle”.

For Millie, they are a brand “[with a] lot of hustle , and a lot of love, all for awesome causes.


Eve female sexual wellness product

Pear Poolvaraluk, Marketing Lead for Fermata Singapore, a community start-up support ecosystem aimed at diversifying omen’s wellness and sexual-wellbeing in Japan, noted South Korean brand Eve.

For Pear, this brand ethos is what makes them distinct within the Asian market. “They offer new products that other brands have not thought about, such as the finger condom for safe oral play.”

Eve sells sexual healthcare products, including Korea’s first vegan condoms, menstrual cups, and personal lubricant. Built into the companies market strategy, is a mission to promote sexual health, and we use our business to ensure everyone’s sexual rights.

Pear goes onto highlight their commitment to sustainability. “They also have higher ethical standards (PETA certified vegan, 100% organic cotton, ethical brand partners, etc.) than most companies, even femtech companies, that I’ve worked with.”


Lalu female healthcare product

Millie Hunter, who is hoping o return to her team in Shanghai soon, didn’t want to go without mentioning skincare brand Lalu.

Lalu is a natural skincare brand based in shanghai creating safe, botanical, and eco-friendly products.

For Millie, this focus on natural ingredients means that Lalu, “is redefining skincare with ingredients derived from nature.”

Having collaborated with Lulu, Millie says she’s “been able to see first hand how much passion and work goes into building them [the product].”

With thanks to our contributors:

Millicent Hunter Luuna Naturals Community Manager Portrait

Millie Hunter is the Community Manager for LUÜNA naturals. Her marketing experience is used greatly in her role at LUÜNA where she is trying to shift the conversation around periods.



Pear Poolvaraluk Marketing Lead at Fermarta Singapore Profile

Pear Poolvaraluk is the Marketing Lead for fermata Singapore, where she brings her previous experience as Marketing Lead at Kegg.Tech. Pear currently lives in Thailand and is exploring ways to bring FemTech to the country!

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