Silence is Not an Option: Violence Against Women

White Ribbon UK, a leading charity that engages with men the cultures that lead to abuse and violence against women has welcomed more men stepping up to take a positive role in addressing violence.

Anthea Sully Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK said, ‘our thoughts are very much with the family and friends of Sarah Everard at this time. It is terrible that it has taken the events of the last week for more men to respond to long term calls for them to think of their behaviour, to take a stand against violence and to seek allyship with women.’

She continued, “All women should be able to live their lives without fear of men’s violence. Male violence however is something that is prevalent in society and culture and is not addressed as it should be. White Ribbon seeks to work with men, to change the attitudes and culture in which such violence is normalised and allowed to develop. Most men are not violent but all men can play a part in ending violence by thinking of their own behaviour and that of their friends and by speaking out. Silence is not an option.”

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