Mysteryvibe First-Ever Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Success

Sexual health pioneer MysteryVibe amassed over 530 investors and reached 127% of their fundraising goal for their first-ever equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The funds from this round will go towards new product development, research & medical studies, team expansion and inventory building to support their rapid growth in sales across the US and UK.

Since inception in 2014, MysteryVibe has been invested in the sexual health sector not just to create category-defining medical devices, but also to emphasize the importance of sexual health in the context of our wellbeing. Their first product, Crescendo, is the world’s first device designed to mimic human fingers, adapt to any body shape, and deliver targeted vibrations precisely where needed. Crescendo was followed by Tenuto, the only wearable vibrator created to help with erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation and improved arousal during intercourse; and Poco, a compact bendable device that fits in the palm and was designed to help with Vulvodynia and other pain conditions. MysteryVibe’s products have won over 20 international awards from Virgin, Red Dot, IFDesign, IDA Design Award, and many more. Their claim to fame is beating Apple Watch at the highly coveted Design Week awards in 2018.

Off the heels of an incredible year—where MysteryVibe saw a 2.5x year-over-year growth in direct sales—the team has not only established themselves as world leaders in sexual health technology but also expanded their coverage and reach through more FDA II devices, educational content, marketing, endorsements and partnerships. In 2021, they became the first company to partner with Google to provide free sex education to 2 billion+ Google Assistant devices. As MysteryVibe continues to innovate deeper into wider fields that address sexual health—like their recently launched Universal Remote, which supports spinal injury patients to regain arousal—they are leading the charge in mainstreaming a category that has been relegated to the fringes and shamed for years.

“We are really excited about the success of our first-ever equity crowdfunding initiative and to share our journey”

Dr. Soum Rakshit, MysteryVibe CEO & Co-Founder says, “Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing has been integral to building all our products since the beginning. We are really excited about the success of our first-ever equity crowdfunding initiative and to share our journey and future success with our community.”

MysteryVibe’s equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs will also allow them to continue their rapid sales growth in US & UK and expand their product lines by 4 new medical devices in the next 24 months. This expansion will facilitate even greater solutions to address a wider range of sexual health conditions and needs. Investors who participate in MysteryVibe’s funding round also receive perks like discounts on their current product line, early access and exclusive deals on future products, alongside equity in the company. The campaign will end on Monday June 7th.

About MysteryVibe

Mysteryvibe is a leading medical devices company focussed on elevating sexual wellness through deeply researched innovation and actionable content. MysteryVibe was created to address one of life’s biggest challenges – keeping the mystery in the bedroom after major life events like childbirth, menopause, surgery or simply ageing. They combine deep research & engineering expertise with leading medical professionals to create devices that address major sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, dryness and pain during intercourse.

MysteryVibe’s devices combine the best of humanity & technology to help people regain and revitalise their sexual health at every stage of their life. To support this, they work closely with sexual health experts to be at the forefront of research & develop thought-leadership that act as catalysts for people to start those much-needed conversations to elevate their sexual wellbeing. MysteryVibe’s mission is to make sexual wellness an integral part of general health and create a world where everyone has the space, freedom, knowledge & power to elevate their sexual wellness.

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