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3 years ago I founded I felt it was unfair that women in their 30’s, who had spent years building their career before choosing to have kids, were penalised when trying to return to work with a little flexibility.

I’m Cheney Hamilton, CEO and founder of Find Your Flex. I founded and in 2017, born out of the need for flexibility that wasn’t there when my second child was born.

My eldest daughter was born with a medical condition which meant that she spent her first 15 months in a full-body cast and had multiple surgeries on her hips. I received the best support and flexibility from my employer when I needed it but by the time my second child arrived and my eldest was perfectly healthy, my request to return to work with flexible hours was rejected. I found myself faced, like many other parents, with the conflicting pull of wanting to return to work but the flexibility not being there.

Within weeks of launch we were overwhelmed with the number of people who got in touch to ask if they could apply for advertised jobs if they weren’t parents. More than 1.27 million people got in touch over 10 days! The seeds for Find Your Flex and flexible working for all had been sown.

Challenging Times Force Change

But some were already prepared. Over the course of the last 3 turbulent years, we have worked tirelessly with over 300 employers. All of whom have agreed that flexible working is both a benefit to their employees and to their businesses. Thus making them more dynamic and more prepared to weather the storms of climate change, Brexit & Covid-19 along with anything else our future has in store.

So What About The Future Of Flexible Working?

There are many low birth years coming down the pike. This could lead to enforced retraining, to fill skills gaps left by a reduced ‘young’ career force. Midlife career changers will become the norm. As the age of first time parents also climbs to the early thirties, we are going to see these career changers looking for flex to balance their home life with work life.

Midlife apprenticeships are already one of the most sought after opportunities across our flex platform and the returnship programmes we carry are finally offering more than a ‘full time’ programme. Businesses are finally understanding that LIFE for many is just as important as WORK.

The Future Of Work for many is already here. And my amazing team and I are here to make sure employers are ready for the future of work and learn to flex.

Happy Flex Work Searching!

Our Philosophy

We want flexible working to be the norm in all jobs in the UK. My team of flexible working warriors came together to get employers and the Government to recognise flexible working as a viable and essential, working way of life.

Over the years, we have worked with over 300 companies, promoting the benefits of flexible working to both employees AND businesses and preparing them to weather the storms of climate change, Brexit and Covid-19 along with anything else our future has in store. And it’s not just about parents: Find Your Flex is fighting the cause for everyone – young, old, male, female, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, carers, those living with disabilities – anyone who wants to work and live a little bit better.

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