Kohe Lele Launches the ClimaxBox!

Destigmatizing taboos and busting myths around sexuality is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Regardless of the predominantly oversexualized images floating around the internet, reliable information about proper sexual education is not always easy to find. ‘Kohe Lele’, a young startup led by three women, provides the solution. ClimaxBox – a surprise box with carefully selected items to re-educate on sexual pleasure, breaking taboos, and providing sophisticated education. How to use these items and more information about connecting topics can be found on Kohe Lele’s platform after purchasing the box.

Above all, teenagers and adults risk getting lost in a sea of information, and distinguishing
fantasy from reality is increasingly difficult. According to the WHO (2020) for many of us,
pornography is our introduction to sex. This often fosters misconceptions about bodies and
first sexual relations, especially with regard to topics such as female pleasure and the
importance of mutual consent.

The ClimaxBox solves this problem, as it encourages curiosity and exploration. In the box,
you will find many different ways to rediscover and understand your own body and/or the
body of your partner. The content is a surprise, but there is always something vibrating,
something for the body, something educational, and something for new adventures. All
objects are linked to a QR code that leads to a hidden website. There you can find the
instructions on how to use the tools and further educational content.

“Since we want to deliver the highest quality to our customers, we start with 100 boxes only. Once our first customers give feedback, we will start upscaling and working on several options on how to improve our product. On our main website, you can already start pre-ordering the ClimaxBox.”

About Kohe Lele
“Kohe Lele” (originates from Hawaiian mythology and means ‘Flying Vagina’) hails from
Canada and the Netherlands, taking up the challenge around sexual education in the 21st
century. Having encountered a lack of knowledge regarding vulvas&vaginas amongst our
friends and ourselves, we knew something had to change. Plus, too often conversations
around this topic are over-sexualized, misconceived, or even taboo.

With flying vaginas in mind and the wish to empower and feel empowered, we aim to
connect, share our knowledge and learn from one another. We believe that knowledge is
power and everyone should have access to it. Always

Kohe Lele’s website is a goldmine of information, revolving around various topics related to
sexual education. By normalizing and de-stigmatizing the conversation about and around the
female body, knowledge can be shared and responsible choices can be made. Our inclusive
and judgment-free community will allow us to normalize this enjoyable theme amongst us all.
Inspired by a preferable circular economy and taking a stance against only profit-orientated
businesses, we envision a Kohe Lele foundation.

We believe in giving back to the community not only through empowerment but also by supporting projects that fight period poverty. This global issue of girls and women not having access to safe, hygienic sanitary products and struggling to manage their periods with dignity due to stigmas, is dear to our heart.

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