Fertility startup Apricity appoints Dr Luca Sabatini as CMO

Apricity, the next-generation fertility clinic, has appointed the renowned Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Dr Luca Sabatini as Chief Medical Officer. Dr Sabatini will work alongside the founders to help implement its clinical strategy and deliver on the company’s mission of “less stress, more success” for patients. 

“Global fertility has halved over the past fifty years”.

Apricity is addressing some of the greatest challenges in fertility through technology. While global fertility has halved over the past fifty years, how patients have accessed IVF in its forty-year history has not improved. This leaves women and couples anxious, exasperated or confused by their treatment. Through its new approach, the company has already received fantastic patient adoption and feedback, with 92 per cent of patients and partners using the Apricity app and the company receiving a Doctify score of 4.95/5. It has also seen great success with a 57 per cent clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer in 2021 (1st January – 31st May) and 25 babies born, with 24 more patients currently pregnant.

The appointment of Dr Sabatini comes as Apricity experiences rapid growth, with an expansion into Spain planned and the company looking to double its revenues again this year. The company is also developing new innovations in the use of artificial intelligence for fertility. Following the successful launch of the Apricity Fertility Predictor® last year, it is developing a Hormonal Stimulation Recommendation tool. This new solution will help to provide all of the information needed to make a treatment decision in the same place, recommend a treatment, and increase the accuracy of predicting treatment outcomes.

Dr Sabatini brings a wealth of clinical and academic experience in reproductive medicine to Apricity. He has served as the Clinical Director of Barts Health NHS Trust Centre for Reproductive Medicine & Surgery since 2011 and was the Reproductive Medicine & Surgery clinical lead for the East London Women services, which comprises four satellite units across four large NHS hospitals. He is a Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists accredited training director for Reproductive Medicine and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Queen Mary’s, where he has taught since 2008.

Dr Sabatini qualified in Medicine from ‘La Sapienza’ University in Rome, Italy in 1991. It is here that he began to develop his specialism in male and female reproductive endocrinology that he has built throughout his career. He is the co-author of 36 scientific publications in international peer-review journals, three book chapters, and reviewed for international scientific journals including The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG). He also brings personal experience with IVF, which means he has an acute understanding of the challenges of the process from the patient perspective.

“I truly share the ethos of the founders to find new methods”.

Dr Luca Sabatini, Chief Medical Officer at Apricity commented on his appointment: “I have joined Apricity because I truly share the ethos of the founders to find new methods of providing fertility services to patients. Having worked in the fertility field for more than 25 years as a doctor, and having had my own personal experiences as a patient, what has struck me is that the challenges for patients have remained consistent over this time. Patients continue to have difficulty in getting appointments, receiving consistent communication, accessing services, and the success rate has not increased in line with expectations.

“Apricity’s use of technology has the potential to drastically improve the experience of patients. The ability to offer quality service to patients remotely, wherever they are, is incredibly powerful in itself. This, combined with the utilisation of expertise from leading physicians scientists within the application, and the innovative use of data, has huge potential to improve success rates in fertility and the quality of patient care.”

Caroline Noublanche, CEO and co-founder of Apricity commented: “We are delighted to have brought Dr Sabatini on board to help shape Apricity with his deep expertise in reproductive medicine, as our virtual fertility clinic grows with new innovative solutions and into new markets. His role as Chief Medical Officer is incredibly important to help us ensure that our treatments and solutions are always ethical, appropriate to the specific patient, and based on the latest clinical evidence. His leadership and management experience in the healthcare industry  will be invaluable in providing training and consistency to help us maintain a standard of excellence through our growth, as we expand our clinical team and partner clinics to reach more patients with our treatments.”

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