Fertility breath test femtech launches in UK following £4.4m investment

An Austrian femtech startup aiming to innovate fertility testing has officially launched in the UK today following multi-million pound investment.

Femtech breathe ilo has made its UK debut after securing £4.4m funding for its European expansion.

Founded by Professor Dr. Ludwig Wildt and Dr. Horst Rüther, breathe ilo was launched in Austria and Germany last summer and has seen a 15 per cent month-on-month growth.

Using breath analysis, breathe ilo’s technology device allows users to understand their cycle phases and fertility.

Bastian Rüther, breathe ilo’s CEO, commented: “We are excited to launch into the UK, which is known for its innovative and world-leading fertility sector.

“We are helping to bring the sector into the 21st century with our UK and world first breathe ilo product which is as simple as breathing.

“As a company, we have a wider ambition to create a comfortable space where women can speak freely about trying to conceive and their menstrual cycles, along with all that is in between.”

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