Biotech Executive Elizabeth Cormier-May to Lead Women’s Health Startup Mammogen Inc.


Mammogen, Inc., a women’s health startup at the intersection of data, technology and science, and Bench International, a leading global executive search firm, jointly announce the appointment of Elizabeth Cormier-May as Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of directors of Mammogen. She will begin her new role on March 1st, 2021.  

In her new role, Cormier-May will lead efforts to develop, validate and commercialize the company’s flagship liquid biopsy program for breast cancer, while working to position Mammogen as a global leader in women’s health. The company has developed a proprietary methodology for early cancer detection using novel messenger RNA (mRNA) biomarkers, which has shown statistical significance towards providing measurable improvement upon current standards of care.

What did Ms Cormier-May say about her Appointment?

“Providing end-to-end care is good, but we think an end-to-never-end community is better.”

“When women think of their physical, mental and emotional health, I want Mammogen to be the first, second, and third thing that comes to mind,” said Ms. Cormier-May. “Mammogen is working to detect earlier, diagnose easier, treat better, and to support all women throughout the life-long battle that comes with survivorship. Providing end-to-end care is good, but we think an end-to-never-end community is better.” 

Who are Mammogen?

Mammogen is a female-led biotechnology company focused on meaningfully improving the detection, diagnosis and treatment of women’s health-related diseases, and creating an end-to-never-end community for women around the world. Mammogen’s flagship product is a liquid biopsy test that measures novel circulating messenger RNA (mRNA) biomarkers required for the non-invasive detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. The non-invasive test is positioned to unlock regular and reliable screening for millions of women around the world and eliminate many unnecessary biopsy procedures. The company’s proprietary multi-gene expression signature for breast cancer detection has been extensively validated in blood, as well as saliva, and has shown statistical significance towards providing measurable improvement upon current standards of care. Mammogen’s product pipeline consists of an array of non-invasive prognostics and diagnostics for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis and other diseases that affect some-, mostly-, or only-women.

Mammogen’s core technology is a non-invasive screening solution intended for all women, but particularly for the under-40 population who aren’t eligible for annual mammography and the 55+ population who are only recommended for mammography every other year. “Mammogen’s technology will provide regular and reliable screening and diagnostic tools for tens of millions of women who are grossly underserved by current standards of care,” said the incoming CEO. “I am extremely excited to build off of Mammogen’s strong scientific foundation and speed this innovation to market, so that we can get more women screened earlier and arm clinicians with actionable insights about their patients.”

Why Ms Cormier-May?

Ms. Cormier-May brings vast experience within medicinal chemistry, genetics, and both companion and molecular diagnostics while working with companies including Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Myriad Genetics, Qiagen, and Predictive Biosciences. Elizabeth built her career launching and selling diagnostic tests into the women’s health, oncology and urology markets. During her tenure as Head of Commercial Operations at Exosome Dx (acquired by Bio-Techne), Elizabeth was responsible for building the infrastructure and defining the launch of the company’s flagship diagnostic, ExoDx Prostate(IntelliScore).

“I am humbled by the fact that of all the opportunities in this space, Elizabeth chose Mammogen,” stated company Founder and Chairman, Marty Keiser. “Denise (DeeDee) DeMan, the founder and CEO of Bench International, immediately connected with my passion for improving women’s health and my vision to build Mammogen as a women-led organization. DeeDee not only brought us a top CEO, but she has also joined our board of directors, bringing extensive experience and connections in the life science community that will continue to add value at every stage of growth for Mammogen.”

Mammogen is one of three joint venture companies established between IV BioHoldings (IVBH), a bio innovation studio founded by Keiser, and leading healthcare analytics provider, Liquid Biosciences. “When Marty first told me of his plans to apply his unique approach to venture creation to women’s health, including finding ways to offer underserved women access to innovative technologies, it was obvious that people would be one of his greatest assets,” said Ms. DeMan. “When you combine Elizabeth’s experience in liquid biopsies and early-stage diagnostics, her track record in unlocking value for patients, payers and stakeholders, and her courageous and ambitious spirit, there is no question that we found the perfect person to build Mammogen into an industry leader in women’s health.”

More information

About Bench International

Bench International is the oldest woman-founded executive search firm serving the Life Science and Healthcare sectors. The firm is also one of the most renowned experts in diversity recruitment at the board and executive level, as well as in R&D leadership. Bench’s scorecard reflects over $150 billion in successful client exits, a 98% project completion record, with a 75% retention for five or more years. 33% of all leaders placed in Bench’s 45+ year history have been gender and ethnically diverse. With headquarters in San Diego, California, and satellite offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, Bench is One Global Team, No Borders, No Boundaries and One Global Budget, thus mitigating internally competitive offices. For more information visit

About IV BioHoldings

IV BioHoldings (IVBH) is an innovation studio that specializes in de novo company creation exclusively within life sciences. The IVBH studio takes a multi-disciplinary approach to building companies; cross-pollinating ideas and experience across a variety of industries, breaking down silos, upending the healthcare R&D process, and rethinking the startup model. The studio uses advanced analytical science to provide greater insight into human biology and radically improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. The current IVBH ecosystem comprises three transformative bio startups, including LiquidLung, HepGene and Mammogen, focused on pulmonary disease, metabolic disease, and women’s health, respectively. For more information visit

About Liquid Biosciences

Liquid Biosciences (LBS) radically reduces diagnostic and drug development risk, time, and cost, from pre-clinical research through regulatory approval. LBS’ Emerge bio-analytics platform agnostically discovers and models the nonlinear dynamics of how biology, behavior, and circumstances interact to drive patient outcomes. Our mathematical evolution technology goes beyond artificial intelligence’s capabilities, and has produced superior accuracy, novel insights, and explainability in every head-to-head comparison with other analytic methods. Liquid Biosciences’ clients are major biopharma firms, diagnostic companies, and world-class research institutions. We’ve completed over 165 major analytic projects across 44 diseases, using the full spectrum of clinical trial, real-world, and multi-omics biomarker data. For more information about Liquid Biosciences visit  

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