Sustainable Lingerie Brand, Little Black Pants Club Relaunch this Christmas with a Luxe Digital Experience and Subscription Model

Born in London’s eclectic Brixton neighbourhood, Little Black Pants Club is the brainchild of ethical fashion designer, Alice Holloway. With the latest collection, aptly named Femme Power, LBPC, was created for women who want to shop ethically and invest in sustainable, bespoke lingerie tailored just for their unique body.

2020 has seen more of us shopping online than ever before. Almost everything is just a click away; so, the dilemma is how to recreate the intimate experience of lingerie buying from the store to the comfort of our own home? The team at Little Black Pants have been thinking about this and are delighted to celebrate the launch of their new digital consultation, the Little Black Pants Luxe Digital Experience.

The Little Black Pants Luxe Digital Experience is an in-depth online consultation that will take clients on a personal journey to discover the perfect lingerie for their body, created and designed for them, while they can sit back and relax in the comfort of their own home. The consultation takes a 360 approach, delivered in 4-key stages:

To begin, the client will receive a luxury Little Black Pants hamper. The hamper will feature a range of fabric swatch books, showcasing sustainable laces, silks and stunning accessories. A bottle of something bubbly to enjoy through the consultation, a tape measure and a ‘colouring book’ so they can sketch some designs throughout the process.

Next up, a professional Little Black Pants consultant will discuss the client’s exact measurements, directing them on the correct process to ensure the best fit. Moving on to then discuss the client’s favourite designs, fabrics, shapes and styles for their underwear. Once the consultant has understood the client’s size and brief, they will talk them through the various fabric swatches, explaining how they fit the body and which ones they believe would work best for the client’s unique shape.

14 days later, the client will receive a mock-up of their made-to-measure pieces, allowing them to try them on and check for any adjustments that might be necessary.

6-8 weeks later, the final pieces will arrive, rounding off a truly unique experience.

Founder, Alice Holloway, explains: “For our Christmas offering we wanted to fuse our knowledge of old school made-to-measure tailoring, with the possibilities of video calls as the modern way of bringing artisanship and technology together. What could be more special a gift to a loved one, than a tailor-made experience dedicated to making them feel sexy and confident in their all their splendour, whilst honouring the natural world by using sustainable materials.”

“2020 has brought the issue of sustainability into the consciousness of the nation. Buying less and well, supporting independent and sustainable brands has been one of the positive’s that has come out of this period. We created Little Black Pants Club as a means to make luxury, comfortable lingerie more accessible and to bring back the incredible feeling that comes with waiting for an item made especially for you”.

Editor’s Notes: The New Femme Power collection:

The Femme Power collection is a range of pants and bralettes in stretch lace that are comfy enough to wear on a rainy autumn day, watching Novara Media, but supportive enough to get you through a conference call marathon. This collection is available on subscription starting at £7.50 a month for six pairs of pants a year.

Alice adds: “Our subscription model allows us to grow slowly and strong, only making the product that is ordered. Many brands burn large amounts of stock that they don’t shift in a season. That kind of waste is another burden that the planet really doesn’t need.”

More about Alice Holloway:

Little Black Pants Club forges Alice’s early love of sewing, with her experience in ethical sourcing, and a growing philosophical awareness of the ways that our experience of pleasure is intertwined with a quest for lifestyles within our planetary boundaries.

LBPC is all about empowering women. Alice explains: “We love diversity! Of course, it’s fun for a designer- picking out fabrics and sketching shapes. Ultimately, we believe that our members are the best judge of what works for their bodies and their wardrobes, so we like to make them part of the process.


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